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JUNE 25, 2023
brookfield, ma



Thank you for your interest in playing Connect Festival 2023!  Below you will find information on the application and selection process for the festival.  Please keep in mind that the festival is produced by volunteers so please be patient with us while we go through and respond to each application. 


Selection Process


We will review each application we receive, but unfortunately, we expect to receive more applications than we have spots for on the festival lineup.  Therefore, we will be unable to select all who apply.  We will select artists using the following criteria in order of importance:

  1. Ministry Focus – We’re not just looking for worship bands here, but each artist should consider ministry their top focus as an artist regardless of musical style.

  2. Talent – We’re looking for quality artists for the festival stages that have a proven track record of quality performances.

  3. Fan Base – Will people come see you play?  Do  you have a large following at events and on social media?

  4. Experience – Do you play live events often?  Have you played large events in the past?

Fundraising Support 


Connect Festival will be a free admission festival again in 2023 and will be funded almost completely by donations.  Therefore, fundraising leading up to the festival will be crucial to its success.  We ask that each artist selected to the festival lineup participate in the fundraising.  It's up to you how you participate however.  In the past, artists have hosting fundraising concerts at their home churches, recorded and posted videos asking for donations on social media, and more.  We are willing to support you in your fundraising efforts, but you must take the lead.

Important:  Please remember that we are a volunteer-run ministry.  We have no paid staff so no one is profiting from your fundraising.  The dollars you raise will go toward production (stage/sound/lights, etc.) at the festival, various expenses such as insurance, police, fire & EMT details, and marketing of the festival in order to get as many people out to see you perform and ultimately more people to minister to.  Also, as a 501c3 ministry all donations are tax deductible. 


Fundraising Perks:  Top artist fundraisers will be rewarded with prime stage and time slots at the festival as well as additional marketing of the artist through the festival's website, email list, and social media accounts as a thank you for their hard work and their support of the festival.

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Email with any questions regarding the festival's artist selection process.
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