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In addition to producing our own events, Fuse is dedicated to helping the local church make their own ministry events successful.  Through our years of ministry experience, we can offer ministries guidance and tools to make the biggest impact for Christ possible in our region.  Below are a few areas where we may be able to help.   

Event Planning / Production -  We can help you find a top artist or speaker, set budgets, hire production companies, develop a marketing plan, and more.  


Event Promotion / Marketing - We offer free event listings to all ministry events on our events calendar.  We can also help with email marketing, mailers, social media advertising, and grass-roots marketing.  

Event Ticketing / Registration - With the majority of people doing some, if not all, of their shopping online today, the best way to sell tickets to your event is also online.  We can set up an online ticketing page where your congregation can easily purchase tickets to an event online and the ticket is instantly emailed to them.  In most cases, there is no cost to the church for this service.  Funds collected are sent to the church weekly.  For free events, it's great to know who is coming in advance for planning purposes.  Event registration allows your attendees to register for your event online in advance to give you more accurate numbers for planning.  You can even require a free "ticket" if you'd like! 

On Site Event Management - Putting on a bigger event with artists or speakers that require scheduling and overseeing many different components?  We can provide an experienced Event Manager to run the day-of logistics of your event to let you focus on your ministry.  

Let us know how we can assist your ministry!  Many of the above services are offered for free as part of our mission.  However, for others we may ask a suggested donation to help cover our costs.  For more information on any of the above services please contact us.  

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