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the relaunch event
September 18, 2021
Wilmore, KY
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artist application


Thank you for your interest in playing the Ichthus Relaunch Event!  Below you will find information on the application and selection process for the event.  Please keep in mind that the festival is produced by volunteers so please be patient with us while we go through and respond to each application. 


What is the selection process? 


We will review each application we receive, but unfortunately, we expect to receive more applications than we have spots for on the event lineup.  Therefore, we will be unable to select all who apply.  We will select artists using the following criteria in order of importance:

  1. Ministry Focus – We’re not just looking for worship bands here, but each artist should consider ministry their top objective as an artist regardless of musical style.

  2. Talent – We’re looking for quality artists for the event that have a proven track record of quality performances.

  3. Fan Base – Will people come see you play?  Do you have a large following at events and on social media?

  4. Experience – Do you play live events often?  Have you played large events in the past?

Fundraising Support / Ticket Sales:


The mission of Ichthus is to share the love and hope of Jesus and we pray it will continue to do so for years to come!  Fundraising and ticket sales will be crucial to its success and longevity. 


If you would like to pledge an amount to fundraise or a number of tickets you will sell you can do so in the application below.  We greatly appreciate the support!

Will fundraising or selling tickets help me be selected?

Possibly, but it's not part of the criteria we use when selecting an artist.  The criteria we use to select artists is listed above (ministry focus, talent, fan base, and experience).  However, we do look at a fundraising or ticket selling pledge when selecting where an artist is placed on the festival lineup.  We like to reward artists that partner with us in this way with better stage and time slots when possible.  If there are multiple artists that meet our selection criteria and have similar levels of experience and fan base, then fundraising or ticket pledge may be used as a criteria to fill a final spot on the lineup when other criteria is met and similar.

Important:  Please remember that we are a volunteer-run ministry.  So no one is profiting from your fundraising, but it is helping us reach more people with the Gospel.  The dollars you raise will go toward production (stage/sound/lights, etc.) at the festival, various expenses such as insurance, police, fire & EMT details, and marketing of the festival in order to get as many people out to see you perform and ultimately more people to minister to.  As a 501c3 ministry, all donations are tax deductible. 

How does fundraising and ticket sales work?

If you pledge a certain amount that you will raise you can raise that money any way you'd like.  Typically, artists will do a benefit concert or hold fundraisers at their home church, but be creative!  We can help you spread the word about your fundraising events too!

If you pledge to sell a certain number of tickets to the event, you will be sent the tickets in advance.  You can sell them to your fans any way you'd like (on your website, social media, at your events, etc.).  You would be buying them at the "early bird" rate.  You can sell them at that rate even when the price for general tickets increases as an incentive for fans to buy from you.  You would need to pay for the tickets up front or agree to a payment plan (splitting the amount owed into 2-3 payments).

Do I have to make a fundraising pledge or agree to sell tickets if on the festival lineup?

No.  This is completely optional and you can indicate if you would not like to participate in your application. 


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Email with any questions regarding the festival's artist selection process.
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