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FUSEd Vol. 1:  Connecting Northeast Christian Artists & Fans 

Compilation CD



The purpose of FUSEd (album) is to promote the talented Christian artists based in the New England region and to serve as a fundraiser for live Christian events through the non-profit Fuse Ministries (Fuse).  



Artists may submit up to three of their original songs for consideration to be included on the album.  Final song selections will be made by the Fuse board and/or a team assembled by the Fuse board. All songs must be original (no covers) and all parties who have ownership rights to the songs must agree to release the songs for this album according to the terms associated with the project.  All artists must be ministry focused, but all styles of music will be considered.  


The album is for promotional use only and will be distributed for free and/or as a “thank you gift” for those making a donation to the outreach events of Fuse Ministries including Connect Fest. The album will not be sold by Fuse or any other party including the artists included on the album.  


The packaging of the album will include the song name, artist name, and artist’s website (or social media page) so that people can easily find more information on the artists they hear on the album.  


Each artist selected to be included on the album will receive five copies of the completed album at no cost.  Additional copies will be sent upon request for a donation of $2 each plus shipping to help cover the costs of printing the album.  Albums may only be used for promotional purposes and cannot be sold.

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