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AUGUST 28, 2021


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  • What happens after we fill out the online form?
    You'll receive an email from one of the Fuse Ministries board members as an introduction so you can ask any additional questions you might have. Filling out the form does not obligate you to host any events, but you'll be added to a list of willing churches to be contacted when a concert opportunity comes up that would fit in terms of location (tour routing) and event (seating capacity, production required, etc.). When an event is being planned you'll receive an email with the details of the event and you can respond whether you church is willing and available to host. If not, you can pass and wait for the next event opportunity.
  • Why should we host concerts at our church?
    Hosting concerts at your church is a great way to bring new people into your building. It's also a great way for your members to invite someone that doesn't attend church to an event where they'll hear about Jesus in a new and exciting way. We're all about spreading the love & hope of Jesus and this is just one more way that you can do so.
  • What size venues are you looking for?
    Whether you seat 200 or 2,000+ we need you! Seating capacity needs differ based on the artist and event.
  • Does it cost anything to host a concert?
    No! There is usually no cost to the host church. Fuse Ministries takes care of all the costs and financial risks associated with producing the event including artist honorarium and travel expenses, etc. If your church is able to provide meals, hotel rooms, or help with some of the ancillary expenses it's a HUGE blessing, but usually not required. Occasionally, we do ask churches to help us share in these expenses so we can put on the event, but that is always clear before you decide if you would like to host or not. No pressure at all from us! We're a ministry too with one goal: to bring people to Jesus!
  • Will you need to use our sound system and/or lighting?
    It depends on the event or tour. Many tours travel with their own production equipment and just need to tie into the building's power supply. Other artists only travel with their instruments and require the use of the church's sound system. This is all know in advance so you'll know before you decide if an event is the right fit for your building.
  • Are concerts free or ticketed to attend?
    It depends on the event. Fuse Ministries likes to produce as many of our events as we can as free-admission outreach events in order to reach as many people as possible. However, sometimes the event expenses require us to charge for tickets. When we are forced to charge for tickets our goal is to just cover expenses and in the event there are left over funds (a "profit") after all expenses are paid, the extra money is reinvested into our free-admission outreach events. Fuse Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit ministry and is run by volunteers. So no one is profiting from these events. It's all about sharing Jesus!
  • Do we get to choose the artists we host?
    Absolutely! When you fill out the form on this page you'll be entered onto a list of churches that we contact when we have artists coming to your area. You get to decide which artists you agree to host!
  • I have more questions. Who do I contact?
    Email Brian at with any additional questions.
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