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Why I Love Connect Fest

I love Connect Fest because it is so much fun to listen to music and spend time with so many amazing people. I usually work in the kids zone and it is so amazing seeing all of the kids dancing to the music and playing and having a great time. The bands that perform bring their kids too and they always do meet and greets for some of the big bands and the smaller ones are at their merchandise tables constantly and are always there to talk to you and pray with you or for you. I have made many friends at Connect Fest and met a lot of people who have touched my heart in so many ways. I go every year and volunteer every time because of how much of a great day it is. You can hear music from wherever you are and it is a very nice full day of worship.

Caitlyn Dufault

PHOTO: Caitlyn with Stellar Kart at Connect Fest 2013

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