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Why a Limited Number of Tickets?

One of the reasons we moved the festival to the Cape Cod Fairground is the amount of space it offers. There's plenty of land which provided us the ability to grow and expand as God opened doors for this ministry. So why the ticket cap then? Simply put, we set the number of tickets available to what the budget would allow for. We initially set the ticket cap at 2,500 tickets, but we've already blown that number away! With additional fundraising we were able to increase the number of available tickets to over 3,000 now, but those have now been claimed as well. That's a pretty amazing problem to have, but a problem we need to work through none the less.

The problem: Anything over the initial 2,500 tickets means we have to move around the layout of the festival grounds to make sure there's enough room for people to see and hear the music and message. This increases our production cost a lot! The higher number of attendees also means a higher usage fee for the fairgrounds, additional police & EMT costs, crowd control & safety, insurance premiums, and more. The more people who come to the festival the higher our expenses are.

The solution: As I mentioned above, there's actually plenty of room at the fairgrounds. However, some fundraising work needs to be done before we can utilize it. We'll be going out to actively fundraise in the coming months. When we reach one of the pre-determined fundraising thresholds more available tickets will be added. Keep in mind that the $55,000 budget is our break even point. As a volunteer-run ministry no one is profiting from this event and any additional funds will go toward next year's festival. All funds go directly to the mission!

You can help by donating online, attending a fundraising event, and spreading the word about this need. We're on a mission to make Jesus famous in New England and we need your help!

If you would like to host a fundraising event at your church contact us and let us know! Whether it's a concert, meal, car wash, or other community event, we'd love to be a part of and help publicize the event! We'd also love to come and share about the ministry of Connect Festival as a "missions moment" during an upcoming church service.

Connect Festival is produced by Fuse Christian Concerts, Inc. -- a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry so your donations are tax-deductible. Click here or visit for more information and tickets.

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