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More About Fuse: Recent Conversations

Recently, I had two conversations with people at one of our events. One was with a couple that recently heard about Fuse and were attending their first event with us. The other was with someone who had attended our outreach festival (Connect Fest) last fall and a few other events we put on over the last year or so. When the conversations got to the "what do you do?" phase and I told them what I did for a living and also that in my "spare time" I founded Fuse Ministries and helped put on events like the one they were attending. Follow up questions were asked about the ministry including "where are you based out of" and others and in both conversations there seemed to be some shock when I told them we were based right here in south eastern Massachusetts and that we were a very small non-profit organization run by a volunteer team.

It's true! We're not a big operation. We're just a small group of people that have seen the way music can have an amazing effect on people's lives and have seen Christ transform hearts at these concerts and events. The entire Fuse operation is managed by a few people from their homes. I myself do most of our event planning from a laptop on my couch after the kids go to bed. We get together on a conference call every now and again and a couple times a year we may meet at Panera Bread for a rare in-person meeting, but since we're all scattered across southern New England, most of our planning is done by email and text.

We don't have office space or staff. Our monthly operating costs are almost non-existent with the exception of technology fees (website and a few other online services we use). And we like it that way! It allows us to focus almost all of the donation money that comes in on directly reaching people with the love and hope of Christ! Let's face it, ministry is not easy here in the Northeast so "running lean" is important if you want to continue going strong.

Over the years I've felt burnt out at times with work, family, and ministry planning all at once, but every time I get that feeling God sends me someone willing to serve along side us. Every member of our team is an answer to prayer and I'm so glad to be serving our God with them. With God, we're going to continue to do some amazing things for the Kingdom in the coming years.

If you're feeling called to come serve with us please reach out. You can email me at If time doesn't allow you to serve, but you wold still like to help further this ministry in New England consider becoming a Ministry Partner with a monthly donation by clicking here.

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