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Help Wanted!

With the format change of Connect Festival (from a ticketed festival to a free-admission outreach event) we have some new needs in terms of volunteers. So we're expanding our festival team! If you'd like to get more involved with the ministry of Connect Festival and would like to volunteer with us here are a few roles we're looking to fill:

1. Director of Church Partnerships: We're looking for someone to reach out to local churches and let them know about the new vision for the festival. Share with them our purpose and let them know of ways they can be a part of the festival to help ignite a revival in our region.

2. Director of Business Partnerships: We're looking for someone to reach out to local businesses and let them know what is happening on the Cape next September and how they can be a part of it. Educate business owners on the partnership opportunities with the festival and how we can help them expand the reach of their business while helping us share the love of Christ!

Each position will work closely with the festival General Manager, but with the flexibility to work wherever in your spare time. The ideal candidate will be able to devote 5-10+ hours per week (1-2 hours per day) and has a passion for Christian music and music outreach. Strong communication skills are a must and above average computer knowledge is a plus, but most of all a love of Jesus and a desire to share of his love and hope!

If you might be interested in volunteering with us please email

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