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Why I Volunteer at Fuse Concerts

I never really thought much about the why, but once I get there it is exactly what I want to be doing. It is so awesome to see the Lord's children come together to worship. I have always been overwhelmed by the fact that most of those that attend are young people from so many different cities and towns from many areas. This is a great witness to show that the older ARE teaching the younger.

I have been a volunteer at various concerts now for 7 years and wouldn't want it any other way. I feel my servitude in these venues satisfies my spirit in so many ways. I am serving my Lord just as His spirit dictates and I am overjoyed with it and anticipate serving Him each and every year. For those that know me, know that this is exactly one of the ways I want to be serving my Lord.

Every year is different for me as sometimes I am witnessing and helping others and other times I am the one being ministered to. God brings people together for His purpose and His glory and He knows exactly what each one of us needs at that time!!! Our lives are enriched as we also are being enriched in ways we never imagined. All this and so much more. To bring to New England, through music, the evidence of a loving God and Savior to those who need hope is just His perfect way of presenting Himself!!! It doesn't matter whether you are an artist, volunteer, vendor or is all in worship to our King!!

Happy to be called,

Karin "Kiki" Johnston-Sellers

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